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You love and care for your pets with all your heart. Yet, the sad fact is most pets don't live as long as we do. When you love your pets, you must also be prepared to lose them.

It's not easy to prepare for pet loss. End-of-life decisions are always hard to face. We hope the wisdom gathered here will comfort and guide you as you plan a loving, meaningful way to say good-bye. This is a sensitive time. Please take care of yourself with the same compassion and care that you give to your pet.


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Our We Care Brochure and Resource Center

If you recognize our We Care brochure, you were probably referred to us by your veterinarian. We created this website to provide a trustworthy source of information about pet loss for you and your veterinary team.

When you click on the We Care brochure (left), you'll go directly to our Veterinary Wisdom® Resource Center. There, you'll find articles, ebooks, keepsakes and a Pet Parents Facebook Group that reflects the collective wisdom of veterinarians and grief counselors from across the country. We hope these pet loss resources help you decide when and how you want to say good-bye.




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Pet Parent Mark from Quincy, Massachusetts says:

"I've never seen a more thoughtfully constructed website regarding all aspects of the heartbreak of losing a pet. This site is incredibly helpful, giving a wealth of information, guidance and understanding that we found extremely useful and comforting. It's clear that the insightful group providing this information clearly understand how our pets become members of our family and how their loss dramatically impacts each of us. This website is a welcomed shelter before, during, and after your loss."